The anti-stretch marks argan concentrate! For use in treatment or prevention, for pregnant women or bodybuilding performers.


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Stretch marks

Stretch marks are reminiscent of scars caused by tearing of the skin. This skin trauma accompanies hormonal changes during some of the major stages of life such as puberty and pregnancy.
Stretch marks appear suddenly, and then slowly evolve into a purplish scar with an off-color hue. Unfortunately they never disappear and many perceive it to be a very inconvenient calamity.

Contrary to popular belief, men are also affected by stretch marks, although it less common. Stretch marks are usually triggered in men going through puberty, men with obesity and men that strengthen their muscles (it is particularly found in the shoulders, torso and arms).


Argan oil

Our Anti Stretch Marks Argan Concentrate contains Argan oil, universally known for its astonishing skin-protective properties.

The argan tree (Argania spinosa) is a thorny tree belonging to the sapotaceae family that grows only in parts of Morocco and Algeria. Naturally built to survive in an arid environment, the argan tree is a very strong and impervious tree, resistant to long periods of drought due to its tough foliage and deep roots.

The argan tree’s flowers are pale and contain a fleshy yellow fruit whose kernel is used to make the famous argan oil. This oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids as well as vitamine E, and is one of the most expensive oils in the world.
Argan oil is known for its skin-protective properties.

The triple action Anti Stretch Marks Argan Concentrate helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks as well as effectively reduce existing stretch marks.

Clinical results

Clinical tests conducted over a period of two months show:

  • A 72% decrease in the depth of stretch marks,
  • A 11% increase in the thickness of the dermis,
  • A 29% reduction in the surface of stretch marks.

Directions for use

Our Anti-Stretch Marks Argan Concentrate comes in the form of a roll-on container, which allows you to better target affected areas and remove stretch marks.
There is no need to spread the product with your hands; the concentrate is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin.


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