Hair Force One Premium Package

Hair Force One Premium Package

For best results, use Hair Force One Premium Shampoo and Lotion together. Save when you purchase these two essential hair re-growth products together

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Hair growth has long been a cherished dream, therefore a lot of drug companies produce hair related products. However, many of the products on the market have serious side effects. Institut Claude Bell of France have studied hair care for over twenty years, and produces total hair care product that can help one’s dreams come true without any side effects.


HAIR FORCE ONE PREMIUM is specially formulated by our team of pharmacists to help men and women who:

- Suffer from hair loss

- Are afraid of becoming bald or losing their hair

- Have oily hair - one of the possible causes of hair loss

- Have dandruff - visible sign of scalp suffering


Institut Claude Bell has produced a powerful treatment for those who have been suffering from hair loss or wish for hair re-growth. The main active ingredients, QuinineCapigen, and Caffeine all work synonymously to open and stimulate the hair follicle for new hair to grow into. In particular, this product has removed Paraben and DEA components that consists in most hair care products in the market today, which is harmful to the skin tissue and body.


Effective Hair Growth Results












These clinical tests show that HAIR FORCE ONE PREMIUM:

Decreases seborrheic activity by 62%

Brings hair loss to a halt

Increases the amount of visible hair by 69%

Accelerates new hair growth by 33%

Accelerates overall hair growth up to 152% (117% on average)


Directions For Use

Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply Hair Force One Premium Lhampoo and leave as is for three minutes, then gently massage head in circular motions. Rinse hair with warm water and dry. Spray Hair Force One Premium Lotion between hairline into scalp. Massage scalp for two minutes. Do not rinse off lotion.


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